Meet the Team

Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds with varying math skills and interests. We have extensive experience working with children in both academic and recreational capacities, in Ithaca and in our hometowns.

Leadership Team

camila de valencia

Middle School Programming Director

Hometown: Quebec, Canada

Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society

eve fantozzi

Middle School Programming Director

Hometown: Boston, MA

Major: Chemistry 

Ruth Steinhouse

Former Executive Director

Hometown: Evanston, IL

Major: Global Public Health Sciences

Maya Mau


Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Industrial and Labor Relations

Senior Mentors

Alessandra farmer

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Major: Nutritional Science

Kathy Lee

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Major: Hotel Administration

nicole losi

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Industrial and Labor Relations


Olivia Ackerman

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Major: Biological Engineering

Tommy Christen

Hometown: Ithaca, NY

Major: Biology

Izzy Goodrow

Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Major: Math and Chemistry


Hometown: Georgia

Major: Mathematics

Abigail Perree

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Major: Environmental Engineering

Alexandra Tarzanin


Major: Biomedical Engineering

Mentorship Alumni

Lucia Pannunzio

Hometown: Miami, FL

Major: Human Development and Global Health Studies

IfeomA Ajufo

Hometown: Ocala, FL

Major: Global and Public Health Sciences